Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Genome Roots: Roma from Northwest India

Roots, Branches. Genome Study Points to Roma Origins in Northern India 

These particular outgrowths are in Maine, but the concept carries: deep, unseen roots, wide branchings.

Consider again Roma roots. The similarity between Roma languages and languages in India is known. That suggests, of course, cultural origins. Now that connection has been buttressed as to a more precise location within India with a genome study by many contributors, see New York Times at Genomic Study Traces Roma to Northern India

Effect of outlawing nomadism. 

As you read the article, however, cringe at the treatment of the nomadic tradition of many Roma: "The marginalized group is still nomadic, often building illegal camps."  Illegal camps? Outlaw camp designation?

Make room for nomads. Why not make room for people to be nomadic in the first place, safe havens for encampments along the way, free of snide illegal-sniffing NYT reporters.  It is as though "illegal" -- once some law is passed -- ends the discussion of who has worth and who does not, whose practices have cohesive, deeply rewarding cultural roots, and which are not worth examining. 

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Anonymous said...

my grandgrandmother is a roma from Transsilvania (Siebenbürgen). The husband was a German descendent from Rhineland(Transilvania Saxon). There is not always an ethnic homogenity, because there are Roma with blue eyes and lighter hair, today in many countries. I think there are many families who were mixed with Romafamilies.

I have brown hair and blue eyes. Only some of my relatives are a little bit darker and a little bit shorter than most of the Germans.