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Who else might be Gypsy, Roma? Ongoing interest log.

Who Else might be (or is) Gypsy, Roma?
Assimilation Process for Survival
Bill Clinton Gypsy Heritage?
Not a new concept at all.

This is recreational looking-up.  I have not vetted each site, just pass on as an interest the possibly Roma heritage for someone you may know.  Where assimilation may be the only way to survive, we should not be surprised at all that many could and did move, change name, marry into a mainstream culture family, and the culture may dissipate as to Roma roots for that family. See Gypsies, A Persecuted Race, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, including England, at;

I found these sites suggesting individuals with Roma heritage by a search for Rumney, a term I understood was used in England for Travelers; and the listed surname for the Rumney family who appeared on St. Mary's rolls in England with a marriage in 1730, Mitt Romney's forbear. 

Here are some Rumneys, and the Rumney term there is is used for the group. 

1. Bill Clinton -- fair use quote

"Bill Clinton - born William Blythe III, his dad's side are Scottish Gypsies. While in office he quietly repealed the last of the laws against Gypsies in the United States, and appointed the first Gypsy to be director of the US Holocaust Memorial Council.."  This from Famous Gypsies of Hollywood (a stretch to put Clinton there) at

Would this root make Mitt Romney, whose family name had been Rumney in the 1700's, more comfortable exploring this possible heritage as Rumney?  On the other hand, Former President Clinton had his family records sealed, see claim at this forum site, at  Could he unseal them now?

Linkish sites for Clinton, if: The Last of the Gypsy Royals,; Blythe, the Famous Gypsy Family of Scotland,

A few of the many others listed at that able2know site --  I cannot recall if I included these in earlier lists here.  This site is a forum, so if I see a disputed identification, I have excluded it.

2.  Pablo Picasso

3.  Mother Teresa 

4.  Johnny Cash

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